If, on the other hand, your bedtime is sabotaged due to doomscrolling social media or just one more round of Fortnite (now that you’re warmed up and can practically taste that Victory Royale), you can use the digital equivalent of a timer switch.


Freedom integrates all of your Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS and Android devices into one handy control panel. You set the schedule to blacklist specific apps, games and websites, and they’re unavailable to you on all of your devices. (That prevents you from, for example, just grabbing your laptop when Twitter is turned off on your phone.)


It’s $6.99/month for the subscription, but its users report an average of 2.5 more hours of productivity per day, so it’s money very well spent.

But if the snooze button is your best frenemy, consider an alarm clock with its own defense mechanism. Clocky rolls away on all-terrain wheels when the alarm sounds, forcing you to chase it down.


And if you’re still able to snooze even after a hunt, try Ruggie — it’s an alarm clock you have to stand on until its countdown is complete to turn off the alarm.

Once you’re up, it’s a fresh day of new decisions to make. The appropriately-named Fabulous app can set you on the path to making the ones that’ll lead you to Peak You.


Developed in the Behavioral Economics Lab at Duke University, Fabulous helps you incorporate positive changes into your life by starting small, with simple tasks like drinking water, taking vitamins and exercising for 10 minutes to complete your daily checklist.


After an initial survey of your lifestyle and goals, Fabulous custom-tailors a program that adds new habits each day and gradually increases existing ones.


The downside, though, is that it carries an annual subscription price tag of about $40.


If you don’t want to get out your credit card, Habitica is a free alternative with a huge appeal to gamers. It boasts a social network 4 million users strong that’ll help keep you inspired.