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Sleep is personal. That’s why we make different masks for different sleep types & challenges. To find your perfect sleep mask, choose your mask type and scroll to compare.


637 reviews
£143 GBP
the most comfortable
Bluetooth® sleep mask
in existence — designed
for side sleepers

• razor-thin headphones
• perforated materials for
maximum airflow
• 20hr+ battery life
• easy speaker adjustment
• 100% blackout with
zero eye pressure
• C-shaped eye cups for
side-sleep comfort

great for: those who want
complete control over both
sight & sound for the deepest

PRO Mask

965 reviews
£79 GBP
the world’s most advanced sleep mask — engineered for side sleep & unmatched breathability

• 100% blackout for deeper sleep
• c-shaped eye cups for unbeatable side sleep comfort
• infinitely adjustable fit
• zero eye pressure
• advanced materials & ventilation for maximum airflow

great for: those who are side-sleep dominant, tend to sleep hot or simply desire the absolute BEST sleep mask ever made

Sleep Mask

3964 reviews
£35 GBP
the original 100% blackout, super-comfortable sleep mask

• 100% blackout for deeper sleep
• infinitely adjustable fit
• zero eye pressure
• comfortable in all sleep positions
• soft, breathable, durable materials

great for: most sleepers — the original manta SLEEP mask loved by hundreds of thousands of people


143 reviews
£69 GBP
the luxury of pure silk for deep, revitalizing sleep

• 100% pure, 30 momme silk eye cups are gentle on the skin & prevent wrinkles
• tapered eye cups for side sleep comfort
• 22 momme silk head strap offers a perfect fit that stays in place
• breathable materials keep you cool while you sleep
• true 100% blackout for deeper sleep
• zero pressure on eyelids or lashes
• infinitely adjustable for a personalized fit

great for: sensitive skin, wrinkle prevention and a luxurious experience


74 reviews
£49 GBP
• gentle weighted pressure designed to maximize relaxation and reduce stress

great for: insomnia and stress relief

note: this mask is intended to be used for targeted relief — not worn overnight


198 reviews
£49 GBP
• cold therapy mask designed to relieve migraines and allergies

great for: puffy eyes, headaches, tension

note: this mask is intended to be used for targeted relief — not worn overnight


63 reviews
£49 GBP
• steam therapy mask designed to soothe sinuses and dry eyes

great for: irritated eyes, sinus pressure and eye strain

note: this mask is intended to be used for targeted relief — not worn overnight

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