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Manta COOL Eye Cups

Manta COOL Eye Cups

Accessory for manta masks
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Your Manta. But cooler.

  • Soothes eyes and sinuses
  • Eye-pressure-free compression
  • Soft, gentle, moldable materials
  • Near-blackout design
  • 100% adjustable fit

Note: this product is made to pair with a Manta Mask (does not include a head strap). Hand wash only. Do not microwave.


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your manta. but cooler. 

Meet COOL Eye Cups: freezable eye cups for your Manta Mask.

Designed to bring the soothing power of cold therapy to your Manta, COOL Eye Cups are for you whether you suffer from puffy or irritated eyes, dark undereye circles, headaches or sinus pressure.

Simply freeze them for an hour and pair them with your mask for immediate relief, whenever you need them.









what they're for

alleviating tired and puffy eyes so you look well rested & alert — all the time

Are you prone to puffy eyes or dark under-eye circles?

If so, you know how disheartening it can be to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and realize you look exhausted and nowhere near as young as you feel.

Cold therapy reduces eye swelling by invigorating and soothing your delicate eye skin, which makes you look (and feel) youthful, refreshed and alert — within minutes. 

"I recently had a horrible headache and the cold cups helped out BIG time!!!"


soothing your eyes and sinuses so you're never slowed down by headaches, itchy eyes or sinus pressure

Do you suffer from stress or tension headaches, eye strain, sinus pressure or itchy, irritated eyes?

If so, you've likely been hit by persistent pain or discomfort that stops your day in its tracks — or keeps you up at night.

Cold therapy alleviates tension, pressure and irritation by reducing inflammation in the blood vessels around your eyes — so you feel much better, much faster.

"The mask is a godsend. Had a bad migraine today, popped in the cooling eye cups and napped for 30 mins - gone! Yes the slight weight in them really helped too. Just wonderful!!"


how they help

eye-pressure-free compression for quick relief from discomfort, pain and swelling

Compression everywhere you need it — and nowhere you don't.

COOL Eye Cups weigh enough to be soothing, but not heavy, and they're carefully stitched to prevent direct pressure on your eyelids.

The result: you get therapeutic, cold pressure around your eyes and on your sinuses, but little pressure on your eyes — so you quickly recover from pain, irritation and swelling (without eye discomfort or blurry vision).

"I use mine for migraine with the cooling eye cups. They are slightly weighted and absolutely perfect."


soft, gentle, moldable materials for evenly distributed cooling comfort, in any position

Your face has never met a cooling mask this comfortable.

COOL Eye Cups are made with soft, breathable, moisture-wicking TACTEL fabric and filled with special ceramic cooling beads.

The result: a mask that sits softly against your delicate eye skin, won't "sweat" like a gel mask, and perfectly conforms to the contours of your face — so you get evenly distributed, comfy cooling, even on your side.

"I get chronic migraines and bought the cool version. It helps a lot. Completely blocks light, which is so important when you have light sensitivity."


the perfect amount of coolness for relief that doesn't damage your delicate eye skin

Gel masks are cold enough to damage sensitive blood vessels near your eyes, and most bead masks don't last long enough to provide relief.

That's why COOL Eye Cups are filled with gentle cooling beads that provide ice-cold relief without the shock of gel, and crafted with insulating foam that keeps them cold up to 20% longer than most bead masks.

COOL stays ice cold for the doctor-recommended duration of 10 minutes: long enough to reduce swelling and eliminate discomfort, but not long enough to damage your skin.

"The cool eye pads have absolutely saved me the last couple of weeks. With temperatures of 35 (100) in U.K. (and we don’t have AC), they’ve meant I can sleep!"


near-blackout design so you get darkness & cooling, at the same time

Your headache won't know what hit it.

Designed to give you an immersive cooling experience, COOL Eye Cups are large and wide enough to block out 100% of light for most people — so you recover quickly from headaches that are exacerbated by light.

What's more, COOL will never pick up on scents from your freezer when you use its included scent-blocking bag — so you'll get total sensory relief, every time. 

"I use them when I have a headache or my eyes are tired and it really does help."


100% adjustable fit for right-where-you-need-it cold therapy

Like your original eye cups, COOL Eye Cups are 100% adjustable — so you can position your ice-cold eye cups exactly where you need them for instant, sigh-worthy relief.

And they fit your pre-adjusted Manta Strap, so you'll never have to worry about your mask not fitting right, in the moment.

Because the quicker you get your mask in position, the quicker you can get back to what you were doing before you reached for it.

"The cold eye covers are very refreshing if you have a headache, migraine or sinus pressure. They are just the right amount of cold."


our mission:

Empower light sleepers to sleep better so they can do more.

We believe great sleep is the non-negotiable foundation you need to create your best life.

That it’s impossible to unlock your full potential if you’re not getting an afternoon nap every day.

And that naps beat coffee hands down.

Everything we create is fueled by our drive to enable better lives through better sleep and regular naps.


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