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Manta COOL Mask
Manta COOL Mask
Manta COOL Mask
Manta COOL Mask
Manta COOL Mask
Manta COOL Mask
Manta COOL Mask

“These are awesome for my sore, itchy, swollen allergy eyes!”

-Mike B., USA

Manta COOL Mask

221 reviews
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The world’s comfiest blackout cooling eye mask. Guaranteed.

  • Soothes eyes and sinuses
  • Evenly-distributed cooling
  • Infinitely adjustable for custom fit
  • Soft, durable, snag-free materials
  • Eye-pressure-free compression
  • Near-blackout design for total relief

Includes Manta COOL Mask. Hand wash only. Do not microwave.

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“These are awesome for my sore, itchy, swollen allergy eyes!”

-Mike B., USA

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meet the world’s most effective cold therapy mask

COOL is the only cold therapy mask designed, constructed and optimized for maximum relief in any environment.

Created to combine the soothing power of cold therapy with the sensory relief of total darkness, COOL is for you whether you’re looking to soothe the delicate skin around your eyes, clear your sinuses or just deeply relax.

Because feeling better makes everything better.









what it's for

designed to relax & soothe your eyes and sinuses — so you look (and feel) well rested and alert, all the time

COOL Mask is tailor-made for those with allergies and people looking to relax and rejuvenate their eyes.

Cold therapy calms and relaxes you by reducing inflammation in the blood vessels around your eyes and invigorating your delicate eye skin — so you look (and feel) refreshed and alert, within minutes.

The result: you're never slowed down by allergies, itchy eyes or headaches — and you never feel stuffy or puffy for longer than a few minutes.

Love my cool mask ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"It completely blocks out the light and relieves the tension headaches I get from staring at a computer all day."


what makes cool different

eye-pressure-free compression for the perfect blend of comfort and relief

Compression everywhere you need it (and nowhere you don’t). With COOL, you get therapeutic pressure around your eyes and on your sinuses, but little pressure on your eyes — so you feel instant, soothing relief.

Great mask! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I suffer from awful sinus headaches and allergies and the cooling mask is seriously the best money I have spent all year!"


the perfect amount of coolness for relief that protects your delicate eye skin

COOL is filled with cooling beads that are gentler than gel and insulated to stay frozen 20% longer than other bead masks. They’re ice cold for the doctor-recommended duration of 10 minutes: long enough to provide relief, but brief enough to prevent skin damage.

It is AMAZING ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I usually have terrible allergies and my sinuses are always angry and swollen. When I woke up this morning, my sinuses felt so much better!"


100% adjustable fit for right-where-you-need-it cold therapy

COOL is made to fit your unique face. Its eye cups’ position, angle and strap tightness are infinitely adjustable — so you can position your ice-cold eye cups exactly where you need them for instant, sigh-worthy relief.

A life changer! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"After just two uses, there is significant improvement: the bruising has faded; my eyes aren’t itching; and I don’t cringe when I look in the mirror."


near-blackout design so you get darkness & cooling, at the same time

Designed to give you an immersive cooling experience, COOL’s eye cups are large and wide enough to block out 100% of light for most people. The result: you get total sensory relief, every time — and you recover quickly from headaches that are exacerbated by light.

So nice! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I bought these in hopes that they would maybe help the puffiness and boy they did! It feels nice to sit back and just chill (pun intended) while my eyes depuff in the morning and then I am ready to take on the day!"


every detail engineered for unmatched comfort, in any position

COOL is designed for no-compromises comfort and constructed with soft, breathable, moldable materials that gently conform to your face while putting minimal pressure on your eyes. So you experience immediate relief whether you’re on your back, side or stomach.

Wonderful product! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The temperature is perfect - not too cold to hurt - and it relieves the pressure from my eyes while providing complete black-out darkness which is very helpful for migraines."


how does cool compare?

manta cool maskgeneric cooling mask
Cools eyes and sinuses Yes Yes
Can be stored in freezer Yes Yes
Evenly-distributed cooling Yes No
Near-blackout design Yes No
Soft, moisture-wicking fabric Yes No
Insulated ceramic beads for perfect temp Yes No
Durable, anti-stretch elastics Yes No
Minimal pressure on eyes Yes No
Infinitely adjustable for personalized fit Yes No
Swappable strap and eye cups Yes No
Durable, high-quality materials Yes No

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Joannie D.
United States United States

Manta cool mask

Love it! Use it every morning for 15minutes before I start my day.

Daniel M.
United States United States

Solid claim to being the best mask on the market

This thing is expensive but it seems worth the price, it is well constructed and an ingenious design. My one criticism is that the hook side of the velcro on the strap can very easily tear and fray the material of the cups, so it's necessary to keep them apart. Product would be improved if they would use "snag-free" velcro. Overall it does its job remarkably well, the cooling cups work nice. Good for migraine sufferer.

Nima J.
United States United States

Great product

Durable but also is soft and easy to adjust. Takes a bit to set up right.


How do I use Manta COOL Mask?

Place the detachable eye cups from Manta COOL Mask in the ziplock bag that comes in the package. Place the bag in the freezer at least 1 hour prior to usage. Once cooled, place the eye cups on the head strap and put the mask on for immediate head, eye and sinus relief.

How long does the cooling effect from Manta COOL Mask last?

If cooled in the freezer according to the instructions given, COOL eye cups remain ice cold for the doctor-recommended duration of 10 minutes, which is long enough to soothe your head, eyes and sinuses without damaging your skin.

How do I know that Manta COOL Mask will fit me?

Manta COOL Mask is designed to fit every face type perfectly. Its detachable eye cups can be placed anywhere along the head strap for a flawless blackout fit.

The head strap itself is 73 cm in circumference, and is fully adjustable to ensure that it fits perfectly but is never too tight.

Does Manta COOL Mask provide full blackout?

The eye cups on Manta COOL Mask are large and wide enough to block 100% of light for most people. This way, you get complete sensory relief — both because of the cooling effect and complete darkness.

Do you have any other mask options? How do I know which one is best for me?

We make masks for every sleep type and challenge. To find the Manta Mask that’s perfect for you, visit our mask comparison page.

Is Manta COOL Mask machine washable?

Manta COOL Mask should be hand washed only. Please do not machine wash the mask as it may get damaged.

I’m a side sleeper. Is Manta COOL Mask suitable for me?

Manta COOL Mask is filled with cooling beads that soothe your head, eyes and sinuses while you sleep. Because of this, COOL is most comfortable for back sleepers.

If you’re looking for the ultimate mask for side sleepers, check out Manta Sleep Mask PRO.

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What is your guarantee, warranty & returns policy?

REFUND POLICY - Every Manta (except those purchased during limited-time sales events) comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If your Manta doesn’t work for you for any reason, you’re 100% covered — simply reach out to our customer success team at support@mantasleep.com and let them know why the product didn’t work for you. They will provide you with a prepaid return label via email and once we’ve received the item back in good condition and its original packaging, we’ll provide you with a full refund for the item you purchased. Please be advised that once a return label has been issued, you will have 7 days to ship the product back to our warehouse.

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WARRANTY POLICY - At Manta Sleep, we stand behind the quality of our products 100%. In the unlikely event that you aren’t blown away by the quality of your Manta or you happen to encounter a manufacturing defect, email us at support@mantasleep.com within 6 months from the date of purchase and we’ll exchange your Manta for a new one, free of charge. Please note that we can only offer replacements of the same product that you originally purchased.

PRODUCT EXCHANGES - As a Manta Sleep customer, you have the option of requesting for a product exchange in lieu of a refund if your order was placed 60 days (or less) ago. Product exchange is possible as long as the price of the item you wish to exchange for is the same as (or lower than) your original purchase. Please note though that you could only exchange for another product once and if you request for a product exchange, your order would no longer be eligible for a refund. Also, items purchased during limited-time sales events (i.e. Black Friday, Holiday Sales) aren’t eligible for a product exchange.

Please also be advised that the shipping fee would have to be paid for by the customer. Simply reach out to our customer success team at support@mantasleep.com so they could walk you through the exchange process.

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