Reviews and Testimonials

Mark Webster

[Manta Sleep Mask] is a game changer. That’s the level of detail that's gone into it.

Mark Webster - (Authority Hacker)


Tristan King

I’m quite a light sleeper and I like how it blocks out a lot of the light. I use it to get better sleep.

Tristan King - (Blackbelt Commerce)


Jamon Yerger

Overall, this is a great product to help you sleep through the night. If you're not into sleep masks, then maybe not. For me, I've used sleep masks for years...[Manta Sleep Mask] just gives total darkness.

Jamon Yerger


Till Carlos

Without the [Manta Sleep Mask], I wouldn’t sleep as good. I would highly recommend it. Any other sleep mask has a spot where light comes through and you cannot wear it.

Till Carlos - (Maerketing.com)


Vincent Ko

I absolutely love this mask! It’s an absolute game changer. It is super comfortable and I have never had any issues falling asleep with it.

Vincent Ko - (Business Owner)


Madaline Lorelle

There hasn’t really been a sleep mask I’ve enjoyed as much as this one. My biggest pet peeve [with common products] is the Velcro gets caught in my hair. [Manta Sleep Mask’s] comfortable Micro-Velcro never gets caught in my hair and it is easy to adjust. Manta Mask is definitely mine.

Madaline Lorelle - (Couple’s Quest)


Chris Kim

One of the most important things is that in any type of sleep mask that I use, I don’t want my eyelashes touching the mask. The Manta Sleep Mask makes sure that doesn’t happen. I would give it 10 out of 10.

Chris Kim - (Hilltop Stores)


Benjamin Tong

I have probably used about 8 different styles of sleep masks. The reason Manta Sleep Mask is my favorite is because of the separated eyepieces. It stops light from getting in.

Benjamin Tong - (Business Owner)


Zak Columber

My favorite thing about the product is, it’s light blocking without being too tight. I can put [Manta Sleep Mask] on in a firm way where it is actually blocking light without me not feeling good.

Zak Columber - (Gingerbread Marketing)